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Multi effects bug

Good app but still getting problems even after updating...


So I updated and it would crash every time I opened it. I had purchased the full version in this app, and because I reinstalled it like it says to if it has problems, now I have to pay for the full version again????? Really? Thats ridiculous. How do I get my full version back?


New update crashes the app.

Great app, only 1 problem

This is a great app! I have the full version and I love it! The only problem I am having is that when I pick a photo to edit, it takes about 15 seconds to load the photo and go to the edit spot.

The app crashes

With the new update.


I upgraded to plus and all my effects disappeared after i updated. Now the app crashes all the time

The update now works

5 stars...and Im going to purchase the full version.


Lots of awesome filters and frames to choose from. If only additional filters were free for iPhone as it is for android


Its a piece of crap!!!! It keeps crashing!!!!!


I had the PC download and it was great but my Webcam was bad so the resaults were great considering it make my webcam seem amazing! Then I found this app and fell in love... Haha but now cause the camera is great and the app is grayte it makes it freaking AMAZING!!! I would DEFENATELY purchase the pro version!! Im just out of credit so im out to buy a new gift card !! Thanks !!

Use it all the time!

Great app!

One of the best editing apps out there

EDIT (May 2012) since the last update, the app runs smoothly again and its awesome. I love this app and would give it 5 stars. Only, since the last update, I cannot use it at all. Every time I try to use it, it results in a crash as I am browsing the different filters. Please fix it and I will change my rating.


This app is exactly what I was looking for. It read my mind.

Deserves 6 stars.

And the addon is totally worth the price and a must have for everyone. Love these guys. (pixlr saved my life a few times too!)


Good app for filtering photos.. Lots of selections but i cant seem to find a way to adjust the crop settings. Id like to be able to position it any way i want. Please add this. I hate having to crop in other apps and loading it up here.

Fun & easy

Ive had hours of fun with this app. Its super easy to use and makes your pics look really cool.

Please update for iPhone 5 screen :)

Please update this for use with iPhone 5 to take advantage of that 4" screen. Thank you!


There is a glitch in the app. When I finish editing the picture and go to save it, there are computerized glitches on the picture. If this could be fixed, I would rate the app a 5.


Whats the point of editing pics if u cant save them ? Weird

Not for serious photographers.

This app is only filters and frames, plus some effects. There is no way to free crop, or to edit the colours, contrast levels, brightness, deepens etc. It doesnt do what I need it to for my photography; only what Id want as a social-media-butterfly (which I am not).

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